100-Mile Diet Review

A review I wrote for the St. Joseph’s Care Foundation’s (Peterborough) newsletter:

The 100-Mile Diet: A Year of Local
Eating by Alisa Smith and J.B.
MacKinnon, Vintage Canada
2007, follows the journey of two
urbanites who commit to a year
of only eating food grown and
produced within a 100 mile radius
of their Vancouver apartment.

The journey begins at their cabin in
Northern British Columbia when
they realize they have six mouths to
feed and one head of cabbage. The
meal they end up creating included;
wild mushrooms, a large Dolly
Varden char, garlic, three potatoes
uprooted from an old garden,
dandelion leaves, apples and sour
cherries all foraged from the property
around the cabin. Then the question
they asked themselves, “Was there
a way to carry this meal into the rest
of their lives?” Thus began a year
of local eating.

There are so many other things this book encompasses
as you read, riding your bike to the
market, taking public transportation
instead of the car, bathing in rivers
cooled by glacial runoff.

This book may be one of the most
important books you will read,
perhaps in your lifetime.

You might be asking what does this
100-Mile Diet have to do with the
work we do here at the Foundation?
I believe it is just one more step in
the direction of life-long healthy
aging, not only for us but also for
our planet. It brings community
together, it challenges us to rethink
the way we live, and reminds us of
what is important.

What does the 100-Mile Diet mean
for us here in Peterborough? It
means as far north as the middle of
Algonquin Park, south to Buffalo
(going across the lake), west to
Mississauga and east past Kingston
we support what is locally grown
and produced.

Purists may cringe, but even just one
step in that direction, adding just one
of these positive things into our daily
lives, like visiting your local farmers
market or family farm and supporting
businesses that sell products made
locally is a good beginning.

If you would like to read the 100-
Mile Diet we have a copy to loan
here at the office. Please feel free to
call or drop by.


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