East India Food Company

East India Food Company

East India Food Company on Somerset is wonderful! Thanks to Heather for recommending. Not a big buffet fan however, this is the best and freshest ever.
The paneer is delicious, and the naan they make right before your eyes are light and airy, the best I have ever had (they come in a variety of flavours, we had coconut and garlic). I would have to say the tandoori chicken is still not up to Bombay Palace standards (Jarvis and Adelaide), a little dried out and salty. The butter chicken scores big points!
I was hoping for some really great dessert but for me Indian food always falls short when it comes to sweets, so I stick with my usual gulab jamin
The wait staff was attentive, but not overly and they serve Kingfisher which I love with Indian food.
The decor is beautiful and the music really makes it an awesome evening out.
They take walk-ins, however on a Saturday night they are very busy!!!

East India Food Company, 210 Somerset Street West Ottawa, ON K2P 0J4(613) 567-4634


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