Getting Sconed on Saturdays

There is nothing like a Saturday morning with my friend Earl and my Globe and Mail. Especially if that Saturday finds me at the Tea Store in the historic Byward Market or picking up scones at the Scone Witch on Crichton in New Edinburgh.

The staff at the Tea Store (besides being so darn cute, all of them) have the great quality of remembering customers, or at least they act like they do-which makes one feel, well, important if only for a few minutes.

The scones are fabulous! Big and cakey, rather than flaky, often infused with flavoured tea, these delicious, doughy sensations are the perfect mid-morning treat. Often fresh out the oven, I like to take some home to serve with Sunday brunch. I will be taking all of my summer visitors there. Last Saturdays rhubarb, strawberry were amazing!

I am also able to write in this space, which is always good!

We happened on the Scone Witch out of sheer luck one Saturday when taking the hairy beast to Stanley Park for a run. A neighborhood bakery, the Scone Witch also sells jams, Devonshire cream and other assorted delights. I was glad to see Moss jams out of Stratford being sold there as well (nothing like their Rhubarb Ginger with pork tenderloin).

My favourite scones at the Witch are the vanilla creams. Rich and flaky, they have a real melt-in-your-mouth quality. A bit pricey ($9.99 for 6 or $18.99 for a dozen) they are certainly worth digging into your pocketbook.

Saturdays are truly my favourite day!


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