To Market To Market

There is nothing like a farmer’s market, to purchase fresh food, socialize, taste free samplings, or just meander about on a Sunday morning. On our second trip to the Ottawa Farmer’s Market at Lansdowne Park I was amazed at the abundance of what was available, with my handy little list I set out to re-create Lucy Waverman’s Saturday Globe offerings-the main being, pan seared chicken withfresh market vegetables, new potatoes with mint and sauteed swiss chard.

The young girl at the Rochon’s stall helped me select some vine-ripened tomatoes, new potatoes and two large cucumbers. She was a great sales person, and when I told her that she told me that it was her family’s business and it was important to her. That reminded me of the importance of buying locally and supporting local farmers especially.

I also purchased some patty pan squash (delicious roasted with cipollini onions and olive oil in the oven), some fresh mint, peas and some very colourful swiss chard. We spent about $22 and felt great getting a good bunch of fresh food and supporting local business.

By the way, the recipes turned out great.

Ottawa Farmer’s Market-Sundays 8am to 3pm until October 26th and Thursdays 2pm to 7 pm until October 30th


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