Convinced by my daughter to indulge in a little end of the week spirits, we walked to Vineyards Wine Bar and Bistro in the Byward Market late Friday afternoon for an early dinner. Vineyards is part of the Fish Market/Coasters/Vineyards trio at 54 York Street. I had been once before and again, was not disappointed

It was quiet there at 4pm, however I noticed reservation tags on many tables, they were anticipating a busy night.

To my delight on their menu were Belgian mussels and frites. I ordered the Vineyards Mirepoix style, which are done in white wine and peppers. The mussels were plentiful and although a little salty, delicious, lots of bread for the fragrant broth. The frites were the regular crispy type fries, not greasy, served with a tangy mayo. The best thing was the price, $10.95 just as good as at the Metropolitan who charge $18.99 for the exact same thing… Apparently upstairs at Coasters you can get all you can eat mussels…..

Cait had the Vineyards famous “Twelve Dollar French Fries” which come with a nice, thick sirloin steak and caesar salad. Her steak was cooked just as she asked, medium-rare, it was full of flavour, and tender.

This is an English style pub-you go to the bar for your drinks and deal with the bartenders (who know what they are talking about). This bistro has an extensive wine and beer list.

Now I know why they are busy…..


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