Metropolitain Brasserie

I love the Metropolitan. This French brasserie at the corner of Wellington and Sussex is delicious. Known for their mussels and frites and fabulous oyster bar.

I recently took the folks there after a good experience I had at a work celebration. It was quiet for a Friday afternoon we were seated and ended up with great wait staff (in my 3 experiences this has always been the case).

My Father and I both ordered a draft and the moules et frites with pernod cream, my mother ordered the cold lobster salad with a charred tomato vinaigrette. Lots of fresh bread came to the table for soaking up the delicious pernod cream. The mussels were perfect and the frites crispy with a lovely garlic aioli. Mom’s lobster was served on top of greens with artichokes and asparagus. It looked lovely, and she gave it great reviews-I don’t recall her sharing…. After with tea and coffee mom and I shared a creme caramel, sweet and light a perfect ending.

We were so relaxed and taken care of we needed to go home and nap afterward. It was delightful, leisurely afternoon. A nice opportunity to spend some quality time with my parents. It’s pricey, but worth it. Lunch for three with beer and one dessert including tip was $95.00.

Metropolitain Brasserie, 700 Sussex Drive


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