Sam’s Latte

Although the coffee purists may cringe I like my latte flavoured, preferably with vanilla. In my search for the perfect latte there is only one place I will go-straight to the Second Cup at Dalhousie and Rideau and if Sam’s not working, I buy tea and sulk. No offence to the other staff at the store, they try very hard, and are very nice.

Skinny Vanilla Bean that’s what they call it, and it is far superior to other vanilla lattes (and you know who I am talking about). The vanilla is sweeter (yeah, probably sugar, but it is non-fat), the flavour stronger than others I have tried, but this is the best flavoured coffee I have had, and a little bird told me that they also have a Vanilla Bean Hot Chocolate.

I also only purchase about once a week (usually on Fridays in celebration of the weekend), and stick with regular coffee the rest of the time (homemade brew, good beans of course).

In fact I think I will walk down there now. Hope you are all having a fabulous long weekend!


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  1. Thank you very much for this great message. I will do my best to make my employees make the latte the best way you love it.

    SAM- Second Cup

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