Raw Sugar

Ottawa foodies are in for a treat. A new cafe is about to open and after visiting, Raw Sugar at 692 Somerset St. West (corner of Somerset and Bronson, next to Sushi 88), I am sure it will quickly grow a large and committed clientele. Why do I think so you ask? Mostly because of the person at the helm, owner Nadia Kharyati, a woman with a huge social conscience and a huge heart.

From Raw Sugar’s Facebook page:

A new cafe is about to to hit Ottawa that isn’t uber, isn’t pretentious, plays half-decent music (you’ll never hear a pan flute playing, not one–ever), will have beer, welcomes hanging out, will offer workshops, has a library and a mag rack, and an organ!, not a whole lot matches, serves a really good cup of coffee and tea, has ample room, and hopes to inspire your artistic side. Come one, come all–once the city finally gives the green light to open. Raw Sugar Cafe has been in the making for 9 years and is finally gonna open its doors and hopefully offer something that’s missin’ in Ottawa, a decent place to hang out. Anticipated opening date–August 20th-ish. Stay tuned.


It’s all this and a whole lot more. I felt like I was walking into my parents kitchen circa 1973. The furnishings are retro, funky, warm and inviting. I can’t wait until the doors are open! I have found my place to write!

Will keep you updated……


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