Coasting at Carmello’s

Wonderful evening is all I can say about this past week and dinner at Carmello’s on Cooper, one of two locations (the other on Sparks). A dinner meeting with a local board I am involved with brought me there on a Friday night after a long busy week, what a great, relaxing way to ease into the weekend.

Some of us started with wine, mine a white Chilean. Carmello’s serves a wonderful fresh herb bread and plenty of butter-no need for appetizer (although there were many great choices, including a calamari salad and my favourite, caprese salad). My main was a creamy penne carbonara, plenty of fresh parm and black pepper. Some of the others chose, olive oil and garlic linguine and a spinach thin crust pizza.

Later with coffee they serve a small almond cookie on the side, a perfect ending to a nice evening.

The wait staff was patient and answered many questions, replenished the bread, and water without having to ask. The restaurant is roomy and candlelit. A bit of background noise which can make it hard to hear, but with fewer patrons later in the evening it was better-they let us sit for a long time.

Carmello’s is the perfect venue for a romantic anniversary dinner, they also serve breakfast!

Carmello’s on Cooper

131 Cooper St., Ottawa


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