Make Soup

Yes, fall has arrived. These cool mornings and evenings leave us hankering for a pot of comfort. Below is a no fail recipe I make this time of year.

Sweet Potato Soup

2 large sweet potatoes peeled and diced

1 bag of those mini carrots (or fresh from the garden, thanks spider!)

1/2 chopped onion

1 large carton of the Campbell’s Chicken Broth/Vegetable Broth

1 cup of water

a pinch of cumin

salt and pepper to taste

Throw everything in a large pot, bring to boil-as soon as the veggies are soft enough, give it a whirl with one of those hand blenders (if you don’t have one use a potato masher). Puree until desired consistency. If it’s too thick add more broth. if you like a creamer soup throw in a small carton of 5% cream. Serve with crusty bread.

No kidding its that easy and delicious…




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  1. The recipe sounds great and I am going to give it a try. We have several stores where sweet potatoes are available at low prices. (I like em with butter and brown sugar too). My only thing is with the carrots. I find thos are usually stale or musty tasting in the floor, so I will use regular carrots and maybe some parsnips as a contrast. Steam them both and add as a chunky to the soup. Oh yum, I forgot my breakfast so excuse me as I gotta go get some calories.

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