Pasta Modena

Okay, so this was supposed to be strictly reviews of restaurants we had been to in Ottawa, while I will continue to do that I couldn’t help but share my recreation of a Carmello’s dish that turned out absolutely delicious! We have tried it with and without the pancetta, it’s great either way.

1pd of linguine-lots of good olive oil-4 cloves garlic chopped-one piece of pancetta (say the size of a chicken breast, cut into pieces-a few good turns of the sea salt mill-baby spinach (about 4 big handfuls) chopped into bite size pieces-20 cherry tomatoes cut in half-really good parmesan, grated to top each plate

Get the pasta ready according to directions (reserve 1 cup of the pasta water). In a pan heat a generous amount (4 tbsp.) of olive oil, saute the garlic for 1 minute and throw in the pancetta, cook on med-heat with the garlic for about 10-15 minutes. Throw in spinach and sea salt and cook for about 30 sec. Add to drained pasta (in pasta pot), add the reserved pasta water, another 1/2 cup of olive oil and the halved tomatoes (give it a good toss to warm the tomatoes). Plate and top with the grated parmesan.

You are going to love this one! Enjoy!

****For the vegetarian version just leave the pancetta out! Or for the full Carmello’s version add a grilled chicken breast to each plate.


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  1. Hi there!
    Your daughter Cait directed me to this great blog, and I just wanted to say what a great job you’re doing. Wonderful recipes and great critiques. Rest assured I’ll be a loyal follower.
    Great work!

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