Casa Mia

Who knew? Who knew in this wonderful little neighborhood of Sandy Hill there was such a hidden gem? Casa Mia on Somerset serves up some of the finest Italian outside of Preston Street in the city. On recommendation from one of our neighbours we made a Friday night reservation with weekend guests, and we were not disappointed.

The atmosphere is warm and cozy. The walls painted in a rich cocoa, beautiful artwork and nice music set the mood. Jason the owner is attentive and extremely accommodating. We never felt rushed.

We ordered an Italian red and were served bread and oil to dip. I started with the Calamari, aside from a little too much grease it was wonderful, delicate in a light batter served with fresh lemon and seafood sauce. Others opted for house salad and bruschetta, pleased all round.

For my main I tried the Pollo Principessa a large chicken breast topped with fresh asparagus, cheese and a lemon cream sauce, served with a side of pasta. The chicken was moist and tender and the lemon cream sauce was lovely, really creamy and smooth with just a hint of lemon. I had to share (which you know I am so fond of) but got to try, Camberoni Alla Marinara, a wonderful pasta with jumbo shrimps, tomato, garlic and white wine and the standard spaghetti and meatballs. We could not leave without a cappuccino and of course the traditional tiramisu. One of our guests who had most recently resided in both Florence and Venice thought the food was quite comparable.

Finally a visit to chef  Joe in his kitchen to say hello and thank you.

I would recommend reservations in a space this small, I expect the clientele will only get larger…..

Dinner for 5, with wine and tip $205.00

Casa Mia Italian Restaurant, 287 Somerset St. East, Ottawa




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  1. I am so happy you stumbled upon this restaurant. It replaced Eclectic Noodle over a year ago. Eclectic Noodle was my favourite restaurant! To die for chicken and pasts dishes. I made everyone I knew go and always went there for birthdays. I tried Casa Mia before on my last birthday before I moved out of Sandy Hill and was very impressed as well 🙂 We should do a work dinner party there sometime with everyone.

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