Don’t Judge a Book…..

So after living in Sandy Hill for over a year now, and being tormented by the wonderful smells coming from Yre’s Chicken Barbecue at Charlotte and Rideau on a daily basis, we broke down-stopped making the excuse of how absolutely scary the place looks, and bought a whole chicken. We are forever transformed.

I have had this chicken before, in another life perhaps, but there was something familiar about it, a memory from childhood that escapes me. Moist and deliciously tender meat under a crispy, mildly spiced skin (hints of lemon and coriander??). Yre is from the Ivory Coast and what a gift he is, we are hooked.

A few things-phone ahead, when they tell you 40 minutes it means at least an hour and its pricey (but worth every penny) a whole, very small chicken was $14. You can get a spicy or mild whole, half or quarter dinner special and sides include, plantain, rice or couscous. This place looks bad, grubby, run down, your mother would cringe. Do not let this deter you and if you move to the neighborhood, don’t wait long.

Yre’s Chicken Barbecue, 169 Charlotte St. Ottawa, ON 613-241-6060


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