Bon Appetit Dreams

I want to cook every recipe out of Bon Appetit this summer (salmon with dill pistou and gingered bundt cake just to name a few). I want to sit on my deck with friends and sip red wine from big glasses and watch their faces as they dive into my gastronomic miracles. The thing is, I actually need to invite folks over, I have been getting lazy and know that to invite people over I must wash my kitchen floor more than once a week, that to truly enjoy the meal, the mutts must never be present and other distractions need to be far away.

I used to have friends for dinner at least once a month (in days of bigger houses, and larger dining room tables), we would drink, eat and enjoy the evenings away. Some weekends I never got to bed until past two, as I loved the cleaning up after, the quiet time, blowing out the candles and thinking of the great conversation that happened as I dried by hand my favourite wine glasses.

So I broke down, and I am having a friend for dinner tomorrow night, on her way to her cottage in Quebec she is going to slip in to avoid the early commuter chaos. I hope she likes my rustic lasagna with layered seasonal vegetables, green salad with my homemade fig balsamic vinaigrette and the lemon ice I plan to serve her for dessert. I am looking forward to great conversation, and praying for the rain to hold off. Most of all I hope she notices no muddy paw prints on my pristine white floor!


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  1. Who’s coming over? Why wasn’t I invited? Kidding! I’m hitting up Nordic Spa tomorow night, I’d say I have you beat.. but that meal does sound delicious especially combined with your back porch!

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