Love = Tyler Florence and Grilled Cheese

tu0211_sandwich_medI just watched an episode of Oprah and it was about America’s Greatest Sandwiches, and Gail got to travel across the US to try the best sandwiches after Esquire magazine did an article on them. Okay even though Esquire already rated them, Gail rated them again and for someone who doesn’t like lobster (one of the best was a lobster sandwich), and doesn’t even cook, I felt her critiques were a bit harsh.

So Tyler Florence was one of the celebrity cooks on the show that day and made a delicious looking grilled cheese (I am not a big fan of the grilled cheese), which I made a version of this afternoon. There is nothing like kicked up comfort food on a rainy day.

Havarti/Apple/Honey Grill (Makes Two Sandwiches)

4 slices of havarti

1 apple thinly sliced

two handfuls of arugula  (they used basil on Oprah)

two tablespoons of honey

4 slices of really good bread (we used an organic oat)

On one slice of bread layer 2 pieces of cheese, half of the apple slices, one handful of arugula, spread one tablespoon of honey over all of this, throw the other slice on top and grill on a pannini press or frying pan, whatever works for you. Repeat.

Serve with gingered lemonade or a nice Canadian brew

You will never look at grilled cheese the same again….


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