Give Me My Mush….

I decided to weigh the benefits of my morning oatmeal most recently by going without it for a few days. Unfortunately a few days turned into about two weeks (a very exhaustive, wondering why I feel this way two weeks) when I actually forgot about it. I started back on course Saturday morning and started feeling better by Monday morning and today, well I just feel great.

Nothing special about my particular oatmeal, its Quaker, I nuke it. What is special about it is what I do to it after it comes out of the microwave by adding milk, blueberries or strawberries and a teaspoon of maple syrup-it tastes fabulous (the secret is to stir really well, both before putting it in the microwave and after adding the milk)! Its good for the heart you know, and when you are trying to get weight off. The fact that the label says made in Peterborough, Ontario always puts a little smile on my face.

So get out your bowl, it takes two minutes to prepare. Enjoy!


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  1. You’ll have to make this for me Saturday morning for breakfast… I never get up early enough for breakfast on the weekends, and during the week I sleep until the last moment possibly leaving me just enough time to throw my hair up and apply some mascara….

    I’ll be expecting a fantastic lunch as well.

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