4 Star Soup Kitchen

The CBC’s documentary series “The Great Food Revolution” covered 24 hours in the food life of NYC. Part of this portion of the documentary was a focus on Michael Ennes the head chef at the soup kitchen in the basement of Broadway Presbyterian Church.

His love of food and the need to help out brought him to this space  just after 9/11, and he stayed. Whether paying or not he views the patrons of the soup kitchen as customers and serves up such items as, bison, mango glazes, organic peanut butter (at times these are a stretch).

Nearly half of the folks that come to this space to break bread live in shelters or on the street. Chef Ennes cooks about 500 meals per week, which may seem like just a dent in the need to feed 260,000 homeless people in New York City, but it matters, it really does. Food security is something we all need to take seriously, as we so often take for granted the things we have and most of us will never be in the position to find ourselves without. How do we bring more awareness to the issue? By taking action as Michael Ennes has, volunteering, donating, giving your change or doggy bag to the person on the street who asks for it.

Food brings us together, caring for the food you put in front of someone can make it magical, and for some of the people Chef Ennes cooks for, this is the magic that saves lives.


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