Bon Appetit, 5 Days, 5 Recipes…

It’s my Bon Appetit Challenge, 5 recipes in 5 days, starting tomorrow.

Sophie, are you ready?? See you Saturday night!




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  1. Stacked enchilada with Salsa Verde and Cheese: this is the menu that awaits me on Saturday. I salivate as I peruse the images on and can only assume the lusciousness of the salsa verde (yes, Tracey, stick with the Salsa Verde) will be a perfect compliment to the crisp, fresh cilantro. A delight to encounter – yet a dilemma now engulfs me. My responsibility is to match the perfect wine to this delectable dish. Do I wrestle with a red or approach it gently with a spicy white? This is no humble burrito folks… beer or margaritas just won’t do. Oh, and historically, let us not forget Mexico’s role as a former Spanish colony and the vast quantities of rioja the average Spaniard drinks – no less than 10.8 gallons a year. So the question is not so much whether to defer to red or to white but to reserva or to gran reserva? Still not sure, but a trip to vintages is in order and a brief exploration definitely called for. Yikes, wish me luck.

  2. Okay, so having a tough time tracking down the tomatillos for this-none fresh in Ottawa (and the season is over in Mexico). Mercado Latino has them canned, not sure I want to use canned…hmmm…just part of the challenge I guess

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