The Byward

It’s been awhile since I’ve walked through the Byward Market, when I worked downtown it was an everyday occurrence. I have never however been immune to it’s beauty, the markets, farmer’s stalls and all the people, there is a connectedness about it.

When I get tired of shopping at grocery chains and want to indulge myself a bit, thats where I head, pasta and olive oil at La Bottega, fresh flowers and a latte at the French bakery. Just wandering about makes me happy.

I walked to the Irish Village this afternoon to meet the kid and her boyfriend for beers, sitting on a patio was the perfect start to three weeks holidays. Writing, blogging, cooking, walking the dogs, reading and a week of baseball in Cooperstown. Happy summer!


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  1. Mmmmm is all I can to say about anything from La Bottega. I wish I still worked down there so I could just grab a sandwich!

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