Day 5 Recipe:Dark and White Chocolate Chunk Cookies

A few days late posting, my apologies, but these holidays and all this good wine and reading….

I decided to make Bon Appetit’s “Dark and White Chocolate Chunk Cookies”

I wanted my kitchen to have that chocolate baking smell and these babies did the trick. I would like to say it brought back great childhood memories, but mom didn’t make cookies, she was a great cook, she just didn’t bake. I had one (I am not lying) and immediately stuck them in the freezer for the Great American Camping Adventure next week. Now if I can just forget they are there until next Friday…………

These cookies are for real chocolate lovers, I used Cocoa Camino chips, and Lindt white chocolate-it is so worth using the good stuff, and frankly these things don’t cost that much more.

I’ll let you know what the true chocolate connoisseurs (my nieces) think when I get back.

see ya’


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