Pubs and Patios

beerOne thing about living in Ottawa, there are enough pubs and patios to accommodate the universe, and well I love patios and people watching, I am bit exhausted by pub grub.

Yesterday I sat with a visiting friend at the Aulde Dubliner/Pour House in the Byward Market. What I like about this pub is the wait staff, they are fabulous and their service is outstanding, always and the selection of beer is good, really good.

Whats with pub apps? Wings, nachos (soaked in salsa), poutine, chicken fingers, bruschetta-please people can we get more creative? As much as I love pubs, patios and people watching, I’m bored by the menus and frankly so are most people I know.  It doesn’t seem to matter however, the patios are still packed, the beer is still poured and the nacho platters overflowing (yeah did I mention portion size?), everyone looks forward to patio season. One thing the Aulde Dubliner does have is a decent sandwich menu (particularly the Irish Smoked Salmon) and some old Irish standards.

Despite my beef about pub apps, I do enjoy this place, and send folks there all the time. Its located at a pedestrian entrance (and exit for that matter) to the market, ripe for people watching and a nice break from shopping.


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  1. Totally agree Tracey. Here’s some reading for the folks which might (here’s hoping) get them truly interested in the evolution of Pubs. Certainly Britain is leading the way, moving from the smokey, oak paneled pubs of yore to the more engaging, vibrant and food minded gastropubs of today. Grilled meats with gorgeous sides of organic veg, interesting twists on carbs and loads of European beer and wine varieties. These are casual, hip and fun places to hang out…

    Happy reading (err… dreaming)!

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