Organic Weekend

PlumThis past holiday weekend we had one visitor, one visitor who has no expectations, likes to lounge like us and is truly a foodie.

I tried to cook organic all weekend, and managed to a large extent. Once again my Ottawa Organics order was fabulous and all of my add ons were great including the bread from Bread and Sons Bakery.

I made Spaghetti Carbonara one night, a hearty Beef Stew the next (the meat in both recipes was not organic), and I baked a Julie Powell plum cake recipe for dessert. I served organic farm fresh eggs and Treehugger orange juice in the mornings and made a Thai Coconut Carrot soup for lunch our last day together.

I love my organic order, for the three of us to eat all weekend it cost about $120.00 ($98.00 of that organic). It just makes me feel better knowing the food we buy isn’t covered in poison, it tastes fabulous and most of it was grown by local farmers.

Is it realistic to eat this way all the time? It would be nice, but isn’t always possible. We will try our best to do what we can.


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  1. There was an article in the Toronto Sun Last week and I should have kept it. It was a discussion about eating organic foods as opposed to the so called pesticide food we eat. The pros tested it all and they stated that 97% of pesticide foods were just as clean as organic foods. To my mind that means you pay a hell of a lot more money for 3% of allegedly cleaner food. If all this is true. Save your money and buy regular foods. Just make sure you clean them.

  2. Carbonara!!! As if I missed that! Has Margaret gone already? I thought she was here for good?

    Also, eating organically would be ideal, but I do find it kind of expensive.

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