Cafe Au Lait, My Good Friend

Although I love tea, nothing truly does it for me like a great cup of coffee. Mornings never seem complete, even if I have to delay the first cup until 10am I will still make sure to get it in. I even put up with the brew at work (sorry co-workers, unless a certain person makes it, it’s just not as good).

I am laying off my favourite beverage for a while for a few reasons, mainly to give myself a break from the caffeine (please don’t advise me to try decaf, because we all know it is just not the same thing). So I am in a bit of mourning, my Globe and yesterday morning just wasn’t the same even with a really good Earl Grey, plus I have had a mid-morning headache for 4 full days now. I even saw the look of disappointment in the face of my local barista when I opted for leaves instead of beans (they think they know me so well, and I go and do this). I must admit however, I did it once before and for a whole year I felt pretty fabulous off the stuff.

So if you have time I wouldn’t mind hearing stories of trying to break the habit, or giving it a break just to see how others made out.

My new French Press looks so lonely on the counter…….



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  1. I also kicked the coffee habit and I used to drink 4-6 cups a day. I started by having a cup of tea in the morning rather than coffee.

    The tea gives you the caffeine kick you crave and while I had a headache the first week, I managed to quit drinking coffee altogether.

    Now, when out for a special dinner, coffee after the meal is a treat.

  2. I’m in the process of giving it up. Although I’m not highly addicted like some, I do love the taste of a bold coffee a few mornings a week. However, I’ve found (and especially with organic coffee) I get shaky, super anxious, and overall just don’t feel well a lot of the time when I drink it.

    I’ve resorted to London Fog’s at Second Cup, with soy milk instead of normal milk soooo good! (I’m not big into soy products, but for some reason the soy milk is so good in it!)

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