Not Just Another Pretty Jar

Bonne Maman

I have been meaning to try Bonne Maman Jam from France for a while now and finally picked some up in Quebec this past weekend. I can certainly get it here but when I saw that the price was $2.00 less than buying it here I couldn’t pass it up.

I have to admit, part of the appeal for me has been the pretty jar with its red and white gingham lid and the great label but I was pleased to discover that the jam is delicious (I purchased mandarin, for very selfish reasons, I knew no one else would use it). It truly does taste homemade, with thick pieces of mandarin the citrus/sweet balance is perfect.

We used it over brie served with some lovely crackers and the next day spread over multi-grain toast. I still have lots left and save it for the weekends with my Globe. I can’t wait to try the strawberry, and I am certainly willing to pay the extra to purchase it here! I fear I am addicted.

I know it can be purchased at local grocery stores and in the Byward Market-if anyone finds fig please let me know….


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  1. Fig Jam????? Farm Boy has a great one….I just made a batch of banana walnut muffins and I think a little fig jam would just do the trick…

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