My Favourite Things

I was thinking today about my favourite food items that, if I could never have again would be really unfortunate. Here are my top 5-

1. Moss Jams – Moss Jams out of Stratford Ontario. I was first introduced to these jams by Lisa Dixon at Black Honey in Peterborough. My favourite is the Rhubarb/Ginger.

2. Cocoa Camino Chocolate by La Siembra Co-Operative – the chocolate I love-my favourite Dark, Chili Spice, a mix of dark chocolate, chilis, cinnamon and ginger reminds me of Mexico. **I was lucky enough to be part of the group that tested their new flavours

3. Harmony Organic Milk 2% in the old fashioned glass bottle

4. Artichokes (nuff said)

5. Cumin (what in the world would I ever do?)

Now I know I could live without these things, but the world is just a much better place with them in it.

If you care to share your top five food items in the comment section and you are one of the first ten to respond-I will send you a Cocoa Camino Milk Chocolate Bar


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  1. Top 5 favorite things:

    1. Avocado – the world is a better place because of it.
    2. Taste of Russia in Peterborough – everything, but especially her cabbage rolls.
    3. Soul Food in Peterborough – any of her Pates’.
    4. Devine Cravings in Cobourg – they make the best Butter Tarts I’ve ever had (you actually need a spoon to eat one!)
    5. Chocolate Cake!

  2. This is actually ridiculously difficult.. If it were a top 20 it’d be much easier, but here goes my top five:
    1. Cheese of any kind (feta is my fav)
    2. Olive Oil (salads would never be the same, I hate store bought dressing now I have to make my own
    3. Tom kha soup from Royal Thai in Ottawa
    4. Garlic (I’d live and die for it)
    5. Authentic Italian Pasta of any kind

  3. 1. Vegan Chocolate cheesecake! (I’m not vegan, but its amazing)
    2. A homemade hamburger – love the bbq flavor!
    3. Honey lemon tea
    4. Truffles
    5. Milk – does the body good!

    • I would have to say anything from Cape Cod, mine would have been the fried clams I had on Martha’s Vineyard. Of course Apple Jacks….thanks Michael

    1. Ice Cream (not the kind with fruit, or nuts, its a dessert dammit!!)
    2. Applewood Smoked Cheddar Cheese
    3. Chicken Pot Pie (Marty Moo style in Peterborough)
    4. Red Pepper Jelly (the local food and craft show kind, not the generic crap)
    5. Wings (either Hot Honey or BBQ & DIll Pickle)

  5. 1) Chicken pad thai with spring rolls to start….from karmas
    2) Brie cheese with red pepper jelly
    3) Broccoli and cheese soup
    4) My nanas buttertarts…raisin-free and frozen!!
    5) Chai tea lattes…from starbucks or natas cafe

    I could go on and on…..

  6. My top 5 are hard to narrow down because I really really love to eat.

    1. cheese stuffed tortellini with a creamy mushroom sauce
    2. Age Tofu from Matsu Sushi in Peterborough
    3. Flash Fried Maki at Kinki
    4. My comfort food is pasta with butter and salt
    5. Jap Che- glass noodles with sesame sauce and sauteed vegetables

    This reminds me that I also love cheese but it is too hard to narrow it down to just one kind so I will leave it at that.

  7. 1. Icy squares
    2. Barbeque chicken pizza
    3. Fried parmesan zucchini
    4. My ex-mother-in-law’s spaghetti sauce
    5. Jean Marc’s bakery lemon meringue pie

  8. 1. Oysters from the Chowder Hut at Meat Cove N.S.
    2. Orange juice rice (My invention and am the only one who appreciated it)
    3. Peanut butter hamburgers
    4. Dark chocolate of course
    5. Liver

  9. hmm – most of mine are meals – i need to combine tastes

    my mom’s butterscotch pie. thank you cait. You just reminded me that she hasn’t made that for me in years and I’m calling her tomorrow. 😉

    chips and sour cream w diet rootbeer after the kids go to bed while watching movies.

    toasted tomato sandwiches – love the chemical reaction between tomato, salt and mayo.

    dim sum dim sum dim sum dim sum (the restaurant on merivale across from cjoh – an unlikely gem !)

    the mexicali salad from the 90s – they’ve completely ruined it now but in the 90s with the babycorns and olives etc was awesome!

  10. ~ Potatoes any way, french, boiled, baked, grilled, scalloped, stews, reheated, re-fried, mashed, salad, chips
    ~ Popcorn – made by me
    ~ Bread
    ~ Chinese Food
    ~ and of course TEA


  11. 1. Swiss or Belgian milk chocolate
    2. My morning smoothie (Strawberries, mixed berries, peaches, spinach and yogourt)
    3. Organic Peanut butter balls (made by me and my friend – yummy goodness)
    4. My aunt Ellie’s Greek salad and grape leaves
    5. Roasted potatoes with homemade garlic dipping sauce

  12. …once more with feeling!

    1. Lemons
    2. Olive oil
    3. Olives
    4. Martin’s potatoes from Peterboring Farmer’s Market
    5. La Dahlia Smoked Paprika

    I stuck to ingredients–you should have another for favorite dishes at restaurants. 4 out of 5 of my items show why I will never be a purist locavore;-)

  13. my desert-island top foods are:

    1. eggs
    2. tomatoes
    3. olive oil
    4. garlic
    5. salt

    my indulgences top foods are:

    1. uni (sea urchin)
    2. foie gras
    3. double creme brie
    4. greek-style pizza
    5. bagels/cream cheese/smoked salmon

  14. Top Five Foods:

    5. Poutine- just knowing it’s out there makes me happy
    the way cheese and gravy do that thing..mmm
    4. Chocolate- enough said.

    3. Pizza- home made from scratch.. it can’t be wrong.

    2. Bread- in any form I’ll eat it.

    1. Peanut Butter- I wouldn’t have lost the weight without it.

  15. 1. any of my TEA’s-no joke, i adore them and drink at least 3 flavors every day TAKE CHARGE TEA (sorry for the shameless plug, but it’s true)

    2. Berg en Dal HONEY. the best honey i have ever tasted

    3. FALAFEL. my all time most beloved is a recipe from a dearly departed but well respected ottawa restauranteur and community philanthropist.

    4. ICE CREAM -without anything gooey or crunchy in it..PASCALES, PURE, or the old vanilla BREYERS. in my world, ice cream is a food group.

    5. COFFEE -particularly BRIDGEHEAD. bridgehead coffee is the smoothest, most robust, delicious coffee goin’. i also love the vibe: local, stemming originally in the eighties from a carleton U fair trade org. OXFAM.

    food that comes from a source with integrety has a superior flavor, quality, and effect on us. also, food grown in canada has superior nutritional content since our land is forced to fallow six months of the year.

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