Queen Bee

Besides my family and friends, I often forget what else it is that I miss about Peterborough (some of you may know it as Peterboring from previous posts). I realized it is definitely the food, Matsu Sushi, Karma’s Cafe, La Hacienda all the places I love to go, and hope to visit over the holidays.

There is one place however that reigns above the rest, a place of sweetness and bliss, and that place is Black Honey. We had to travel home this past week because my good man lost his Dad. These times call for warmth, comfort and the familiar. The mere mention of Black Honey and he had us parked out front on Saturday afternoon.The smells, the colours, reminded me of the times I had spent writing there ( a chapbook of poems were created in those small rooms).

We settled in with some hot drinks and two desserts, Apple Spice Cake with Cream Cheese Icing and the Chocolate Caramel Cheesecake. Cait joined us after a visit to Karma’s and there was plenty of dessert to go ’round. The apple cake was light (not as heavy as carrot cake) as was the icing, bursting with delicate flavours, it felt like I was eating something both wholesome (no guilt), yet decadent (who really cares about guilt?). The cheesecake was as delicious as it sounds, light and creamy, the heaviness of the chocolate was nicely balanced with the delicious caramel (and it just looked good).

I highly recommend both of these desserts plus, the Lemon Cheesecake, the Queen Elizabeth Cake, and the Black and White cookies. While you are there the staff will kindly give you the showcase tour (take it, good luck deciding!). Black Honey also serves up a great breakfast and lunch. The only thing missing was the Queen Bee Lisa Dixon, and coincidently she was in Ottawa.



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  1. I love love love love this place… and although not my typical pick, the Queen Elizabeth Cake is my absolute favorite!

    That cheesecake was delish too. Ohhh how I miss Peterborough sometimes…

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