The Gift of Food

It’s that time of year once again when we plan menus, do holiday groceries and give gifts of food. It’s also the time of year that other people are worried about food, stressed about how to provide for their families, wondering if over the holidays when the security of their regular support systems may not be so readily available, if they will make it through.

Food security is something I am concerned about, something we should all be concerned about, not just at this time of year but all year. We often take for granted how easy it is for some of us to whip up a meal, make a reservation or have a pizza delivered. Everyday I see people around me who have to worry on a daily basis about how they are going to feed their kids. My question is how do you get everything else accomplished when this is all you can think about? According to a 2008 report, “Hunger Count 2008,” 704,414 people used a Canadian food bank in an average month. We know that some of the most vulnerable groups are children and the elderly, in a country as wealthy as ours this is a shame.

So, what I ask you this year is to remember these individuals. When your walking by the big wooden box that is meant for throwing in that extra bag of groceries at your local market, do it. When the local radio station is filling up a transport truck full of food for the food bank outside of the big box grocery store, throw a bag or two in. When you see the commercials for the cost of a meal at the shelter, write a cheque for ten. Most of all, remember at this time of year that we still have the rest of the year, and in mid-July when your driving to the beach, or in September when your taking the kids back to school, stop by the local food bank to find out what they need-and take your kids with you.


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