Su Casa Restaurant and Tapas Bar

Well my much awaited venture out to Orleans to experience Su Casa Restaurant and Tapas Bar was well worth the wait. This family owned little hotspot in a small strip mall in the east end is open and serving up delicious tapas. This new trend of travelling out to the burbs is catching on!

The idea of tapas are to create conversation at the table, and at Su Casa this is exactly what happens. Tara Vidosa, Marc Villeneuve and Jon Vidosa have come together to bring these lovely little dishes to east Ottawa.

Formerly a mom and pop type restaurant this place has been transformed into a welcoming, warm enhancement to food. It’s dramatic colour and candles create a perfect ambience for enjoying an evening of good food, wine and great conversation. The service is top-notch but not over the top (you know what I mean), these folks know about excellent customer service and left us lots of time to linger between bites and enjoy the wine.

We started with Sangria, made special just for us (okay maybe not just for us but it felt that way). Full of delicious fruit, it was refreshingly lovely, and I had a hard time just sipping it. I have never been a big Sangria fan to tell the truth, I would however order it again here.

Between the four of us we ordered several plates including;

Tortilla de papas, eggs, potatoes, onions and olive oil fried into a perfect little pie

Chorizo frito, fried spiced chorizo served on fresh, soft baguette,

Bocado casero, crispy fried house potatoes with a centre of tender mashed served with garlic sauce

Polle en pepitoria, tender pieces of almond crusted chicken, served in a creamy sauce with saffron

Calamares rebozados, a delicately fried calamari served with seafood sauce  large, soft (not chewy) pieces covered in the lightest blanket of batter possible. This has been the best calamari I have had in the city.

I can’t end without mentioning that the creator of these little masterpieces, Chef Paul came to visit our table at the end of the night. I was delighted that he took the time to visit with us and ask us about our meal. A kind gentle spirit, he gave me the secret to the great calamari, don’t ask I am not willing to share (nor would I ever try to duplicate, because I can’t).

You can also get paella here, they do require 24 hours notice (I can’t wait to try it). In addition to the tapas Su Casa also serves a choice of two tables d’hote, breakfast and lunch.

Su Casa Restaurant and Tapas Bar, 2564 St Joseph Blvd. Ottawa, ON 613-824-5049

You can find them on Facebook at:


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  1. Tracey-

    You didn’t list any prices-can you list any? Its nice to have an idea of what we would be looking at if we went there.

    • Hi-

      The tapas ranged in price from around $5 to about $10.
      The Sangria is $25.00 for a jug that served 3 of us a couple times round.

  2. They make the best breakfasts and they serve it fast too! (we were a party of 10 and everyone loved it)

    Try the Egg Benedict … WOW

    They have great diner deals as well – This is my favourite new place! Can’t wait to go back!

    5/5 I recommend it to everyone!

    I don’t mind the drive – it’s worth it!

  3. I travel to Ottawa often and always try to find someplace new and different to enjoy a meal. Su Casa is definitley on my list for the next trip to the Capital. Have to try the breakfast!

  4. I love this place! Slow food is the way to go if you want to have a great night of conversation and great food.

    Who needs downtown! The east end is the place to be!

  5. I whole heartedly agree that this is a fabulous restaurant. Though I might be a bit biased as the owners are good friends of mine. I also designed their logo (shameless plug). I have not had the pleasure of trying their sangria, will have to make my way over there soon. Great post Tracey!

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