The Lush Cake

There is something about the word lush that I love. It might be the feeling of luxury that I associate with it, or the thought of indulgence or extravagance-that sometimes one just needs. Today was a day filled with those luxuries and it was pure pleasure.

I met two young cake designers, sisters Mercedes and Natalie owners of The Lush Cake at Extravagownza a wedding and prom show in its second year (the proceeds of which go to Youville Centre and The Ottawa Foodbank). The sisters’ soft, welcoming display at the show was the centre of attention, a bustling corner, everyone was clamouring to get a taste of their delicious delights.

I was offered tastes of  Vanilla with French Buttercream, Lemon and Chocolate Ganache all surprisingly light and lovely.  To my pleasant surprise my favourite was the Chocolate Ganache (I actually prefer vanilla or lemon). The chocolate a deep, dark, cocoa without the heaviness you sometimes find in a chocolate cake was topped with a creamy, rich chocolate icing, it just made me crave more, and I understand why it is The Lush Cake’s bestseller.

I believe that Mercedes and Natalie have a huge hit here. They not only make wedding cakes, but other special occasion cakes (including cupcakes, I smile as I write this, you know me and cupcakes). Their designs are incredibly artistic and they appeal to a huge audience. Eat Cake!


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