Favourite #4 Rideau Bakery’s Sufganiyot

I know, I know, it has taken me forever to decide on my five local favourites, but I have finally reached number 4.

The delicious Rideau Bakery sufganiyot (traditionally a Hannukah treat)! This tender, jelly filled sugar doughnut is a must try when stopping by the the Rideau St. store.  Get there early when they are fresh, you will never buy a donut shop jelly donut again.

Rideau is an old-fashioned bakery and it reminds me of visiting Andrews Bakery with my grandmother in Cobourg when I was a kid. Not so much the look of it, but the service, the smells and the quality of good old school bakery.

Other favourites at this bakery:

Challah (best in the city)


Special Occasion Cakes

Lemon-Iced Cookies

The bakery has two locations: 384 Rideau St. and 1666 Bank St. (there is a lunch bar at the Rideau St. location).



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