Le Moulin

A prisoner in my own house for days due to the Olympics (never did I think it would be possible), I finally escaped today with hubby and folks in tow down to the market for lunch.

Le Moulin de Provence is a little piece of heaven right in the centre of it all. I go there to write, to people watch, I take friends there and I dream about their apricot brioche.

Today it was lunch, the place was bustling. My parents both had crab on a baguette, a soft doughy baguette filled with mounds of crab salad, so big in fact mom couldn’t finish hers. Adrian had a pizza, thin crust, tomato sauce, covered in meat (enough said) and I opted for a slice of salmon pie and an Earl Grey. The pie was simple, salmon and herbs in a light flaky crust, it is quite good and at $4.95 it is a bargain here.

The staff is quick and helpful, I have had my moments when I wondered if a few of them actually liked their jobs, but for the most part they are great all of them masters at both languages. The place is big and roomy, the noise levels can sometimes be an issue, I do like it better in the summer with the windows up, but who wouldn’t.

The display cases are filled with wonderful food both sweet and savoury. They have daily soups and serve their cafe au lait in big white bowls. They have some of the best croissants in the city (the almond is amazing).

It had a few great moments last year when Barack Obama swung by and purchased cookies for his girls, left a half-eaten cookie and took pictures with everyone.

I miss not working close to it anymore, but I guess that’s what makes it such a treat now. My Mother and I headed back after shopping and picked up bread for dinner and some hot cross buns (it’s that time of year).

55 ByWard Market Square,  Ottawa, ON,  K1N 9C3  T: 613-241-9152


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  1. I’m now hardcore craving a crab salad sandwhich! I like the atmosphere of this place, although I do find some of the staff kind of snooty.. But what there staff is like really doesn’t matter, they’ll get business either way!

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