Breakfast in Spain

We finally got back to Su Casa in Orleans for breakfast, and it was once again worth the drive. Excellent customer service and coffee are key, they are served up in abundance on Saturday morning.

I ordered the eggs benny (despite what Anthony Bourdain says, I can’t resist) with potato cake. The potato was a larger version of one of their tapas they serve at night, a crisp coated exterior filled with a tender mash. The Hollandaise was creamy and delicious with a bit of a bite, and the eggs were cooked to perfection, firm with a nice soft yolk.

My handsome date ordered the chocolate chip pancakes and devoured them in all their sweetness with relish (some things never change). He also had a side of homefries (good, but really take the potato cake you won’t be sorry).

This is a family run business, they really look like they share the work, and it seems they enjoy it too and that only adds to what makes this place special. I look forward to visiting regularly.

Breakfast with coffee and tip was just under $26.00.

Su Casa Restaurant and Tapas Bar, 2564 St Joseph Blvd. Ottawa, ON


You can find them on Facebook at:


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  1. That’s making me hungry!

    Eggs Benedict is my favourite! What does Anthony Bourdain say about it??

    Chocolate chip pancakes sound good, too.

    • He says its one of the things you should consider not eating when going to a restaurant, because the Hollandaise sits there all morning and is a breeding ground for bacteria.
      Saying that, I have seen some of the things he eats on his travels….

      • I took my daughters out for breakfast yesterday and as I always do, I ordered the Eggs Benedict. But I spent the whole meal wondering about the bacteria count in the hollandaise. I think Anthony Bourdain has ruined EB for me!

        And you’re right about some of the other stuff he eats!

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