Viva Loca

Recently I went to an event promoting local products, held at Viva Loca on Richmond Road a neat cafe located in the Irving Greenberg Theatre Centre home of the Great Canadian Theatre Company.

The idea for VIVA LOCA began with the realization that buying local products and services is certainly better for our community and of course, good for the planet.

They have spent a considerable amount of time locally sourcing and buying local products to both use and sell at the cafe.

At the event I had an opportunity to speak to local entrepeneurs and test their fabulous product. Here were two of my favourites:

Olivia Chocolate

Olivia Chocolatiers is a fairly new local chocolate maker dedicated to making high percentage dark chocolate that is not bitter tasting.

Both founder, Dave MacDonald and Chocolatier, Marc Lamy were available to answer questions. The chocolate is smooth and light, I favoured the maple flavour, it really was heaven on the tongue. They even have a new raw version available. The bars are not cheap however, almost $10 each retail which took me off guard a bit when I was making my final purchases, however you get what you pay for and this is an excellent product.

Meow that’s Hot

Delicious sauces for the oven or barbecue. I bought their standard product (for the family) but my favourite was the Siamese Sizzler (they also have one called the Manx Mangler, which is deadly…). All of their products are awesome, all with incredible bite, plus the guys that make this product are just plain nice (pic below):

While at the event I ran in to my good neighbour Martin Conboy who was working on the set for the newest production at the theatre FACTS written by local playwright Arthur Milner. I was lucky enough to get a tour of the theatre.

Thanks Debbie of VIVA LOCA for allowing me to roam freely with camera in hand, and thanks for supporting everything local! It was a fabulous afternoon!


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  1. Wow your updates are great this week (are you off???) keep it up.
    The Manx Pub should have the Manx sauce on every table! I want to try these with my eggs this weekend.

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