Auntie Loo’s Saturday Mornings

Saturday mornings are my favourite part of the week. What makes them extra special these days is Auntie Loo’s. I have blogged about Amanda Lunan before, her spectacular treats, her lovely and welcoming bakery on Bronson St.

This Saturday Adrian had a craving for her banana-butterscotch cake so we headed down after some early morning errands. There is nothing like walking into a place and being treated like your the only people in the world, but this is the way she treats everyone always taking the time out from her baking to welcome you and fill you in on whats in the showcase.

We picked out our favourites and were intrigued by the new vegan brownie, so decided to give it a try.

A gluten-free, soy-free brownie made with chick pea flour and coconut oil we were pleasantly surprised (and should have known it would be great). It was light, but rich in chocolate flavour and we devoured it. Note the glass of milk.

It really is great to know that there are these options out there. That someone cares enough to make a product everyone can enjoy with good quality ingredients and soul.

If you haven’t visited 507 Bronson, don’t you think it’s time you should (and when you do take a look at the shiny new trophy-YES Auntie Loo’s won the Cook-Off!)?

In fact why not make it this coming weekend for the First Ever Auntie Loo’s Craft and Bake Sale (10% of the proceeds going to the Aids Committee of Ottawa).

See you there!


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  1. Um, I have my doubts, I know I probably wouldn’t. I almost don’t want to know. I do remember that she had it posted on her website for a brief time….

  2. Hi Tracey

    There is always something good about someone named Amanda (hee hee).

    A little nervous about the chick pea flour, could you tell the difference? Was the brownie moist or a bit dryer than you are used too?

    As in our email discussions, I am cooking for my boyfriend’s food allergies.

    I made the flourless chocolate cake, it was so good.


  3. Thanks again for the article hun! ❤ ❤

    Miss Caitlin, you dont have to wait! We're open 3 to 630 tuesday through friday every week, and I have those brownies in stock ever day we're open if you wanna pop by 😀 xo

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