The Awesome Magnolia

I have been meaning to post the Magnolia blog, I really do like to post on all things Ottawa, but sometimes I just need to share a great experience.

You know how it is when you have known about something for so long, or wanted something forever and when you finally get to it, it is kind of surreal? Really as I stood in line, I kept wanting to call Cait Carrie……..

Oh the decision making when waiting is really serious too, because you can see what your getting right through those lovely big windows….

Once allowed inside it was right to the cupcakes, pick what you want and stand in line to purchase. The staff who work there are no nonsense, they get the job done and just try butting in line…

Cups of love they are. We took them across the street (like everyone else) to the park and ate them there. The cake is lighter than I had imagined (I can’t follow the cake recipe for some reason it never turns out for me), the buttercream is rich, buttery and oh so sweet. Thing is they were so sweet we couldn’t finish them. Aren’t they the loveliest things you’ve ever seen?

We bought more at the Grand Central location on our last day and shared with hotel staff.

On the way home Mr. Big tells me my buttercream is still better.


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  1. Hey There-

    They looked really good. My mouth is watering thinking about cupcakes. Whats your favourite local cupcake these days?

  2. If you go to the blog I wrote called “One Sweet Kitchen” you can actually see these cupcakes in the showcase (the ones with the cherries on top).


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