B. Goods

I have been in love with Brad Campeau’s cookies for a long time now. I first tried his chili-chocolate well over a year ago at Market Organics in the Byward Market. This guy makes these little treasures in a mobile bakery facility-yes a truck! It puts me in mind of the mud truck in NYC, all I can say is GENIUS.

For the past few weekends we have picked up these cookies but they have never made it home (sometimes never to the car) until 2 survived this past weekend after our visit to the Main Market.

The two in the picture are mint chocolate and spelt molasses ginger (my fave), they were still warm when we got them home. Heavenly really, crispy outside, tender, soft and warm inside. The flavours are layered and intense. There is no conversation when eating these cookies we just inhale them, grinning the entire time like complete fools.

Other flavours include, spelt maple pecan, wholewheat double chocolate, cinnamon kasha, orange hazelnut, spelt oatmeal, wholewheat chocolate chip and valencia peanut butter. The mint chocolate, orange hazelnut, cinnamon kasha are gluten-free.

There are many places you can pick these gems up throughout the city, check out B. Goods website for more info. Enjoy!


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