Pansy Pistachio Cake

I love pistachios, I love the taste, I love the colour. I was thrilled to see a recipe from Lucy Waverman in the Globe and Mail on Mother’s Day weekend that called for them, Pansy Pistachio Cake, and I finally got a chance to make it this weekend and use my bundt pan which rarely happens.

I first saw Lucy on CityLine years ago with Marilyn Dennis. I liked the way she talked about food, handled it, I liked the way she said tomato but most of all I loved her recipes. So every Saturday I look forward to getting my Globe and seeing what Lucy is up to in the kitchen.

So I drank a cup of tea and shelled my pistachios. Adrian read the recipe aloud as I worked away (sometimes it is fun with him in the kitchen).

I was quite pleased with the end result. It wasn’t as pretty as Lucy’s version in the paper, but it was delicious. I can also lay part blame on the camera which was acting up.

Dense and moist, more like a loaf, the pistachios added nutty taste and texture and the amount of lemon and orange required (peel in the cake, juice in the glaze, 1/4 cup each) were really the perfect addition, you could taste them both but they didn’t overwhelm. I didn’t add the pansies, I didn’t have any and my nasturtiums are not ready yet. Next time I would probably cook the glaze a bit longer (’twas a bit thin). It was the perfect amount of sweet to end yet another wonderful holiday weekend meal, with plenty of leftovers.

The recipe can be found by clicking the link above. Enjoy!


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