Making Limoncello

After a conversation with someone last week who said her memories of Italy included limoncello and lots of it, I decided to make some. I had a recipe that was long and drawn out (45 days), I decided summer would almost be over by then so I researched alternatives and found another blogger who had a seven-day recipe and I was in!

This recipe is simple:

7-8 organic lemons
750 mls of good vodka
3 cups of sugar
5 cups of water

Peel the lemons and be careful not to include the pith ), as this will make it bitter. I used a vegetable peeler to get decent sized pieces.
Put the peels in the bottom of a large jar and poor vodka overtop. Seal tightly and store in a cool dry place for 7 days up to two weeks (swirl daily).

One week later, dissolve the sugar completely in water by heating it on the stove. Then cool the sugar-water mixture to room temperature.
Strain the lemon peels out of the alcohol and then mix the alcohol with the sugar-water. Usually the color of the alcohol changes from clear yellow to cloudy yellow when it’s combined with the sugar-water.
Pour the mixture into bottles which can be sealed tightly and store them in the freezer. If the limoncello is kept “frozen” until serving it becomes thick and syrupy.

I saved the juice of the leftover lemons and froze it for future use.

This is a work in progress, I will be blogging on the results next week. Can’t wait to open a bottle of this sunshine!


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  1. Yum, can’t wait to read the rest and see how it turns out. Is it cost effective (cheaper to buy the real thing??)?

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