Perfection, Satisfaction, Promise

Perfection, Satisfaction, Promise or PSP (yes that’s what they call it), for over 2 years now I have walked by it, driven by it, gone by on the bus and always wondered. You see it is in the neighbourhood in which I live and you think I would have gone there long before now.

Well wonder no more, a friend asked me to Perfection for lunch last week and I finally went. Not quite sure why I waited so long, everyone I know who has been there has enjoyed it, vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike.

It’s a small space, maybe twenty chairs total. A pleasant, peaceful atmosphere, the staff are extremely accommodating.

We started with refreshing beverages, mine an organic lemonade, my lunch mate, a lime and mango smoothie:

Our lunches were reasonably priced and very, very good. I ordered the daily special Spanish Paella, a mixture of roasted tempeh and chick peas on brown rice served over a spicy roasted tomato sauce and topped with olives and a “garlic aioli”. A side of salad of spring mix with grated beets, carrots and zucchini was dressed with a tasty vinaigrette. The layers of flavour in this dish complimented each other beautifully. The roasted tempeh and the spicy tomato sauce were divine.

My lunch partner ordered the chili and nachos, topped with cheese and sour cream it was indeed very, very good (I noticed quite a few folks had ordered it).

They are also well-known for their samosa and the people sitting next to us didn’t have a problem with me taking a pic:

We ended our “perfect” lunch with tea in big mugs, before we sauntered home, with “promises” to return again to sample their famous “Painted Potatoes”.


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  1. I spent my uni days there when it was called The Painted Potatoe ! They used to serve great soups with a choice of either baked potatoe, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes or brown rice with your choice of toppings. All for about 5 $. Still love the place, it is as good as before (the indian dhal topping is great) but it has lost a bit of its charm, I think. I still visit it though when I’m in that area.

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