Millstone Bread

So I have been away for a week, travelling to see family and friends. I grew up in Cobourg Ontario a beautiful town on the shores of Lake Ontario that inspires my writing.

There are a few eating establishments in Cobourg that really hit the high notes but frankly I am a bit disappointed, there should be more (I am not talking chains, or pubs or road houses). The folks who invest in those expensive homes and choose to bring their children up in this very special place deserve more high-end restaurants, and ethnic diversity when it comes to their food (including grocery stores).

One of the fine exceptions, is Millstone Bread. Millstone creates breads using organic, locally grown grains baked in a wood fired oven. Baker Doug Lawrence born in Toronto, graduate of George Brown College in the Culinary Management program is also a member of the American Bread Bakers Guild and has studied under Jeff Hamelman of King Arthur Flour in Vermont.

A friend requested I stop in and try some of their product and I am glad we did. We purchased a loaf of the Flax Rye which was wonderful! We served it with dinner that evening and again the next morning toasted with poached eggs. It’s perfectly crusty exterior lead to a soft delicious interior, with a nutty, well-balanced flavour we slathered in butter.

We also purchased 2 “Dolly Squares” which were a larger version of my Mother’s “Hello Dolly Squares” she used to bake during the holiday season, full of chocolatey goodness.

One nice surprise right across the street from Millstone on Saturday mornings is the vibrant, thriving Cobourg Farmer’s Market.

I have hope that Cobourg will continue to grow its culinary sector, it really is a wonderful place to visit and live. Please stop in to Millstone Bread on your next visit, it’s close to the harbour and Cobourg’s beautiful beach and you will not be disappointed!


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  1. The crepes you are mentioning Tracey are prepared by ME!!! I am Harbourview Crepes. Only open Saturdays from 7:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. I have had many people ask where my restaurant is and could they make reservations! Very flattering indeed but I must tell them to bring their own table and chairs!!! Not only am I a HAG but I can cook a mean CREPE!!!! Hope to see you soon!!


    • Hi Kelly

      Remember me….Annette, the girl with the crepe griddles.
      I lost your email address, so hope to find you this way.
      Do you still want to get together, maybe we could and discuss the ideas for a crepe business together. You still interested?

      I would like to get my crepe griddles powered up, and do some experimenting.

      Just let me know if your still interested. I hope so!

      Thanks Kelly,


  2. It has been a long time since I have been to Cobourg. Is the Dutch Oven still around?

    always make friends with people who make crepes

  3. I’m glad you had a chance to stop at Millstone Bread. As I mentioned to you its become part of my Saturday morning walk. I don’t dare come home from there without a couple of scones (any flavour). The kids love them. We have tried many of their great breads and pastries and have never been disappointed. (They make a killer chocolate chunk cookie also!)

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