Happy Goat Coffee Co.

I have had lots of extra energy these past few days and I think it can partly be attributed to testing wonderful new coffee from the Happy Goat Coffee Co. Happy Goat’s mission is to offer the highest quality artisan, certified fair trade, organic coffee from around the world. My caffeine overload has certainly been worth it, and boy is my house clean!

I attended Art in the Park Strathcona last weekend, a fabulous fundraiser in support of schizophrenia services. During this event I happened upon an artist who was handing out samples of these wonderful coffee beans. I brought home a small package of Peruvian Decaf and was sold! I called the owner, Artisan Coffee Roaster Pierre Richard to ask him some questions and he gladly brought me more samples. Pierre’s roasting style is unique in the coffee industry, taking every step possible to preserve the true nature of coffee, he takes freshness and small batch roasting seriously and his client is guaranteed the highest standards of freshness.

Below is a list of his coffee I have tried so far and my thoughts on them:

Sweet Bella (a blend of Caribbean and African)-a wonderful fragrance (the non-coffee drinker loved the smell of the kitchen), this coffee tastes like good chocolate, several layers of chocolate. Served it with dessert one evening, yum!

Guatemalan Huehuetenango-this coffee was a well-rounded cuppa, everything you want at the beginning of your day, complex and assertive in a kind and gentle way. Another cup able to lure people to the kitchen with its wonderful fragrance.

Tanzanian Peaberry-My favourite so far. Smooth as silk. More chocolate flavour, but quietly. Quite a delight, I was able to drink this without cream.

Peruvian (naturally decaffeinated)- I couldn’t believe this was decaf. A well-balanced cup. Nice to be able to enjoy coffee on the deck after supper without the worry of keeping me up.

This was good coffee drinking, pure coffee-loving, no feeling gross afterward, no coffee gut-rot (if you know what I mean). I have never quite experienced such good product.

So the next step in my “new” coffee experience leaves Pierre coming to my house this weekend to prepare coffee for my guests and I through the siphoning process. He is doing this not just for me, but for other customers to educate people not only on his product, but how to really taste and enjoy coffee. I will blog again about the siphoning process,  so please visit after the weekend!

Pierre expects his website to be up and running next week, you will be able to find him at www.happygoat.ca he can also be reached at pierrerichard@happygoat.ca


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