Food and Drink

I am a big fan of the LCBO’s Food and Drink Magazine, I have been collecting them for quite a few years now and their recipes never fail. The most recent addition will be checked off as one of my favourites.

I picked up groceries last night, with a few recipes from the magazine in mind and this morning I started with the “Buttery Cinnamon Cake with Apple Compote” for afternoon coffee with a friend and dessert with the family tonight. It did not disappoint, buttery and light it tastes like an old-fashioned spice cake. The glaze is a barely there touch of sweetness and the apple compote seals the deal.

Tomorrow night I will make the Bacon-Wrapped Pork Loin with Apples & Sage and will try a one of the soup recipes this weekend.

These recipes are fairly easy, and normally end up tasting like a seasoned chef prepared them. I will leave you to find the recipes on your own, pick up the magazine at your local LCBO along with your favourite bottle of wine. Enjoy the new season.


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