Planning for Guests That Cook

Planning for visitors who work wonders in their own kitchen is always a challenge. I have a guest coming this weekend for the week, that is a fabulous cook. I shopped for groceries last night and my list was lengthy. I have carefully planned out the meal schedule for the week (with the expectation that she will probably cook one or two of those nights), and created a wine list for the duration. I have ordered my coffee and made sure the milk and eggs are organic.

This person has also been at an Ashram for several months, eating vegetarian, mostly vegan, food they have grown themselves. I know she is ready for some treats (so I will do some baking and head to Auntie Loo’s), I know she is also ready for a Sunday roast (I picked up a good one).

I remember once cooking for a local chef, frustrated and anxious I gave up at the last minute with a simple pasta dish. To my complete surprise he was delighted to have pasta, because he hadn’t had it in so long and it wasn’t offered on his menu.

I think we often worry too much about how perfect something is we offer guests, when a lot of the time the gathering is about good food of course but also about being together, sitting around the table and sharing. The company makes the meal.

What do you serve someone at your place that is amazing in their own kitchen?


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  1. Luckily, my guests are happy with anything I make, simple or outlandish. I’m the same when it’s my turn as guest. It seems you got lucky as well and your guest is happy with whatever good food comes their way.

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