Vegging at Hintonburger

I have no idea what took so long, reviews, suggestions, constant drive-by’s and our car finally turned into the Hintonburger parking lot.

So besides the old school, chip truck-diner atmosphere there are a lot of things that are just so appealing about the place the staff, the price, the parking, sourcing local, I could go on forever.

So let me talk about the veggie burger, the reason I went. So of course it would count as one of the best veggie burgers I have ever had. Why you ask? Well I love falafel and that is what this baby is fashioned after. Dressed with hummus, pickled turnip, lettuce, tomato and onion it was awesome sauce (I added hot peppers because I always do). The burger itself had even levels of spice and texture. Served up with their excellent homemade fries, this was the perfect Sunday afternoon date with my good man (who by the way, had The Armstrong).

I like that their menu is simple and limited, it makes decisions easy. I like that they cook everything fresh in front of your eyes. I like that they shop at the Parkdale Market. I like that the staff is excited about the food and proud to serve it.

If you haven’t been go, this place is the real deal and if your going to feed yourself or your kids burger joint food at least here you will know where that food comes from.

Lunch for two $16.

991 Wellington Street West
Ottawa, ON.


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