It’s that time of year again, Thanksgiving is upon us (and as I did last year a shout out to my thanksgiving peeps). For me it is the most sentimental time of year. My connection with the food and the people I love is forever present.

Thanksgiving for me and my family used to mean a giant gathering of us at Rice Lake (just outside of Cobourg, ON). Friday through Monday, my Mother and her siblings brought their individual clans together at a group of rental cottages in Harwood, ON. It was arranged by my uncle, this was his deal, as much as I anticipated this yearly event I had no idea then how much these memories would mean to me now.

Our traditional meal consisted of turkey and all the trimmings, but also my Mother’s famous macaroni, twenty-four hour and pea salads. A lot of prep time goes into about 20 minutes of gorging, but it is so worth it. My aunt made this awesome no-cook cheesecake covered in cherries that rocked. Beer was unlimited. One of my favourite pictures is that of the guys standing around the fire pit, beers in hand, it looked like a hunt camp. Some even attempted a swim in those icy cold waters (it was more of a dare).

Our families have grown-up, kids now have kids of their own having kids and we don’t get together anymore. I miss them, the occasional phone-call, once yearly visits is never enough, but sometimes that’s the way families happen.

I am wishing the whole crew happy days where ever they are this weekend and hope when they gather around the table with their families this Sunday that they remember when we all gathered around a table together and how much it meant to us. I am thankful for each and every one of them.

What are you thankful for?


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  1. I go to Rice Lake for Thanksgiving! My mother lives there now and I’m heading off on Friday. Thanksgiving is my favourite holiday – it’s all about the food. I’m thankful for the food… and the WINE!

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