Dreaming of India

Once a long time ago in my life someone taught me to cook Indian food. That same person cooked Indian food for me and gave me a book of old family recipes that has long since disappeared. Rich curry and biryani, spicy kima, delicious dosa, wafer thin chapatis, Goan potatoes, rosy sweet gulab jamin, coconut burfi and lots and lots of rice…..

Since this time I have been extremely particular about Indian food, in fact at one time there was only one Indian restaurant I would go to and it was in Toronto. I read all the reviews, try the recommendations and come away usually with a sigh, after the anticipation of the visit has left me either disappointed or with no impression at all. There are things I love about some local Indian restaurants, but I am not looking for a westernized buffet, popular recipes that are cooked in large quantities for the evening’s masses. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good Butter Chicken, in fact my brother-in-law cooks one of the best. I am just in search of something more authentic, off the beaten North American path, a Vikram Vij in my neighbourhood.

Today I read a post from Simply Fresh about Indian food and a great experience she had at the East India Company. I have decided to take a class there and I am looking forward to it. I will let you know how it goes!


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  1. Maybe, maybe not. I realize there is good Indian food, absolutely. I have just been lucky enough I guess to have had really authentic (mostly southern) Indian food.
    Like I said, going to try the cooking classes, so I am open….

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