Oktoberfest in the Byward

Okay most of you already know that one of my favourite places in the world is the Byward Market, I don’t know what it is, maybe because I live downtown and I find it easily accessible, maybe it’s the fresh food, it’s just a particular pleasure that never gets old for me.

So this past Saturday with the promise of beer, sausages and lots of entertainment me, my good man and our friends Fiona and Tom walked down to see what was happening.

Our first stop was Aubrey’s. We were hungry and knew they were selling sausages with the money going to charity. We also discovered Firepit Grilling Sauces and owner Daniel Garneau there to tell us a little about his product. These are saucy, sweet, spicy gems that are available at Aubrey’s and a few other places in the city. My fave was the Honey Brown Lager…

We took some time to have a look at all the amazing pumpkins and gourds, because you know, that special night is only a short week away!

A market visit just wouldn’t be the same without a visit to one of the maple syrup vendors….

A stop at the Laff for a draft (it’s Oktoberfest right?).

Everything good at the Byward.


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