Yogurt Wars

In our journey to create a healthier lifestyle for ourselves we have given up many things, the one thing that has been a major struggle for me is giving up the good yogurt and by that I mean a fuller fat yogurt.

It took me months to switch from my favourites to the ones that are 0% fat. Not only giving up the good stuff but finding anything good in the fat-free versions, cause let me tell you, say what you want the truth is there are very few good ones out there that are fat-free and I dare anyone to challenge that.

My two absolute favourites are the Liberte brand which we have eaten for years (thanks Jen) and Saugeen Country, which a friend introduced me to a few months back. Liberte’s Mediterranee Lemon is the best, it’s creamy texture, is countered by the sweet tartness of the lemon which makes it seem like more of a dessert. Liberte does have a good fat-free organic option, but I find it a bit runny. Saugeen Country out of Markdale, Ontario is great breakfast type yogurt, organic and lovely with muesli, granola, fresh fruit or topping for hot oatmeal.

The best fat-free option I have ever had which I have yet to find here is Siggi’s Icelandic Skyr Style Yogurt. It is the thickest, creamiest, non-fat yogurt I have ever had. A tub full of yum.

I could manage with the higher fat versions, but would have to forgo other things so trying to find a balance I had to compromise. I have gone with the Activia 0% fat product and particularly like the one with added cereal. I struggle with this still, sighing as I take the small container out of the fridge (seriously, not being dramatic). I have this system on Saturday morning, The Globe and Mail, coffee, and good yogurt, now replaced by a little green tub. Saturday’s have slimmed down.


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  1. I understand! I have tried it seems hundreds of yogurt to find a “good” fat free one and most of the time, I have been disappointed. BUT a few months ago, I found the Liberté Greek yogurt. It is fat free and really thick and creamy. I may be in love. Plain Greek yogurt with dark honey… Miam! I think they just came out with a strawberry Greek yogurt too. I have tried skyr in Iceland. I didn’t know they had it here in Ottawa. Where do you get it?

    • Hi-

      I will try the Greek style, yeah!

      I had the Siggi’s in NYC at Dean and Deluca, I haven’t found it here. Whole Foods sells it, not sure if the Toronto store does…I plan to find out.

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