Glitz Cupcakes and Company

I have been contemplating the whole cupcake phenomena these days. With cupcake shops popping up in every part of the city, each with their own signature, it’s been hard to keep up. I am beginning to wonder how long it will last? Is it a forever kind of thing? I know a lot of folks who hope so.

In the Byward Market this weekend we happened upon Glitz Cupcakes and Company at 11 Murray St. Now all of you who know me know I have two favourite cupcake places in Ottawa. We can now add a third.

Honestly, I am not supposed to be eating cupcakes so I was good, took a few bites of my vanilla/strawberry and handed it over to someone else (there is the option of minis). The vanilla cake was moist and would have stood well on its own. The icing made with real strawberries was light and creamy, a burst of summer in my mouth. The biggest surprise was the lovely centre filled with an even creamier version of the icing on top. Actually, it was the best cupcake I have ever had. My good man said the icing compared to mine. Sadly, I need to be honest and say it was far superior to mine.

Adrian opted for a maple cupcake with a little piece of maple fudge heaven on top. The icing wasn’t as pretty as mine, but was just as good.

The space at 11 Murray is minimally decorated, which I find appealing. Quiet and inviting, it would be a great place to stop in and stay for coffee. I also suspect it is an expensive location from which to run a business, but I also think the owner, Vanessa D’Amours-Chenier was wise in this choice. Almost at Sussex, she is going to be able to take advantage of warm weather events at Major’s Hill Park and tourists coming from the National Gallery, the Mint etc. will surely take advantage. I am also sure with the fantastic product she is putting out she will have a regular clientele in no time.

Stop by when you have a chance.  Seriously, try the vanilla/strawberry you will not be disappointed!


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  1. Best cupcakes ever. Unlike other places in Ottawa their cupcakes are moist and very tasty. They look super sweet. They also have the mini and cakepops! I will definetly go back
    They’re cakepops are amazing and super cute

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