A Taste of the Prairies

I have been neglectful this week with an extremely busy work schedule, so I am finally getting around to posting on the fabulous Taste of the Prairies Event held at the NAC last week and hosted by Chef Michael Blackie.

What a lovely, intimate food event this was. Approximately 100 guests were able to interact with the Chefs as they prepared their recipes on a 360 degree stage. Lots of good questions and friendly banter back and forth between Chefs and guests really made this a particularly special event. Chef Blackie’s staff was bang on delivering plates as soon as the Chefs were through with their demos and keeping wine glasses fresh.

One really delightful part of this experience was that the Chefs included their family members in the evening a side the public does not get to see often.

My personal highlight of the night, Chef Alexander Svenne’s Pickerel Cheek Ceviche and Chef Blackie’s Crispy Baked Hazelnut Glutinous Rice Ball with Tarragon Cheesecake Core and Saskatoon Berry, Green Peppercorn Pull.


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